Training For Life.™

Family Program

All Ages

Family martial arts classes in Overland Park, KS

Join Master H C Kim’s Tae Kwon Do for a new, fun and goal-oriented program the entire family can participate in! On our schedule we include family martial arts classes that offer a variety of benefits including:

  • A healthful activity for family bonding

  • A time when parents and children can train together

  • The opportunity to meet other enthusiastic  and goal-oriented families

Family members who begin their training at different times do not pose a problem. In fact, it will enhance the dynamic of the learning process. Training together is something that will be tremendously rewarding and bring the whole family together like never before.

“Joining Tae Kwon Do is the best thing that has happened to the Gates family. With Master H C Kim’s teaching our family has become more fit, energetic and active.  We’ve learned the importance of treating others with courtesy and respect not only within the family but outside as well. Our family has learned to value self-control and the power of cooperation. Our family is huge (total of 8) with various abilities within each age and level. Master H C Kim understands our family very well and is able to work together with us towards the mastery of our skills for each individual.” 


- Mr. and Mrs. Gates, Adult Students & Parents