Adult  Program

Teen and Adult martial arts classes in Overland Park, KS

13+ Years Old

Take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle with Master H C Kim’s martial arts classes for adults. You will never be bored with your workout during our exciting and high energy classes. We offer a comprehensive fitness program with the added benefit of self-defense skills and an increase in mental and emotional strength. The benefits you gain through our adult martial arts classes will extend beyond the walls of our training rooms and into your workplace and home.


Do not let lack of experience deter you—most of our adults join having none. Our instructors will work with you at your own pace to ensure a safe and productive workout. With our flexible schedule you will always find time to come to class.

Over 15 Years of Teaching Experience



Our adult martial arts classes offer you:


  • Improved endurance, flexibility and strength


  • A healthy option for stress relief


  • Self-defense skills and confidence for greater personal security


  • Greater variety and fun than conventional gym programs


  • Camaraderie with other positive & motivated students



"The thing I enjoy most about a Master H C Kim class is the encouragement, discipline, and positive reinforcement I receive as a result of his teaching methods.  Although his classes are a great physical work out, he always makes sure that mentally we are prepared as well.  His attention to detail in regards to proper form and technique is what helps us progress as Tae Kwon Do students.  In addition, Master H C Kim always makes sure that all students are having fun during their Tae Kwon Do training."

- R. Brosnick, Adult Student/Parent​​