Benefits of Master H C Kim’s Tae Kwon Do Center for Children

Martial Arts Classes in Overland Park, KS and Johnson County

Martial Arts Classes Will Build Your Child's Confidence

Is your child particularly shy? Maybe he or she is afraid to try new things. Or perhaps your child is suffering from low self-esteem. All of these issues can be helped by building your child’s confidence. Getting involved in a physical fitness activity such as our martial arts classes for kids will do just that. Sometimes joining a team sport is intimidating for a child and will be counterproductive, but Tae Kwon Do is an individual sport. Your child will train alongside other students—making friends, working hard and having fun, but will grow and advance at his or her own pace.

Our Tae Kwon Do curriculum is organized by a color belt system where each belt rank is more difficult than the last; however, this allows our students to constantly set and reach new goals. Our instructors help our students with their progress by teaching through positive reinforcement. They consistently praise what our students are doing right and how they can get even better, as opposed to pointing out what they are doing wrong, and always give encouragement. The repeated feelings of accomplishment, along with the positive reinforcement from our instructors, develop an “I-Can-Do-It!” attitude helping to build up that confidence.

It is also important to note that having increased confidence will help your child deal with bullies. More often than not, children who are bullied will not tell anybody about it. They feel embarrassed, fear retaliation or think it is their fault it is happening. A child with increased confidence and self-esteem is less likely to feel like that and more likely to reach out to an adult for help because he or she knows what is happening is wrong. There is also a higher chance the child will try to verbally defend himself or herself when the bullying occurs. In the event the bullying becomes physical your child will know self-defense skills in order to escape the situation; however, our students are taught from day one that the use of martial arts is a last resort only.

See what a difference Master H C Kim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do Center will make and help build up your child’s confidence. Try out our children’s martial arts classes in Overland Park, KS and Johnson County.


Parents—you are an important part of your child’s support network. Take the next step and train with your child. Inquire about our family martial arts classes today!