Benefits of Master H C Kim’s Tae Kwon Do Center for Children

Martial Arts Classes in Overland Park, KS and Johnson County

Martial Arts Classes help improve your Child's Fitness

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website, 17% of American children and adolescents ages 2 – 19 years old suffer from childhood obesity—triple the rate from 1980. There are various health risks ranging from high blood pressure and cholesterol to joint problems and pain. The health risks become more severe if obesity carries over into adulthood. Helping your child develop healthy habits and lead an active lifestyle will lower the risk of becoming obese and being exposed to the related health risks.

The first step is to find an activity that involves exercise but will also be something your son or daughter will enjoy every time. That can sometimes be a challenge, but we may be the solution you’re looking for. Your child will have fun working up a sweat alongside his or her classmates during our exciting and high energy classes and will always look forward to coming to class. Our martial arts classes not only help improve your child’s physical fitness, but will also help improve grades at school, focus and build confidence.

See what a difference Master H C Kim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do Center will make and give your child better fitness and health. Try out our children’s martial arts classes in Overland Park, KS and Johnson County.

Parents—don’t forget that you set the example. Show your child how fun being healthy is by training with him or her. Inquire about our family martial arts classes today!​