Trial Program

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 Our intro program is a great way to see what a big difference martial arts classes at Master H C Kim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do Center will make. It will give you an introduction to our Tae Kwon Do training as well as a glimpse of what you can expect as our student. No experience is necessary.

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Your intro program includes:

 ✓ Classes Online or At-School

 ✓ Review of our flexible class schedule

 ✓ Customized private lesson

 ✓ Group class

 ✓ Program consultation

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We just did a private lesson at Master Kim's and I felt safe sending my kids there. Temperatures were taken at the door and hand sanitizer was used by everyone before entering the building. During the lesson, the instructor kept a social distance and my kids were properly distanced with the help of cones. My kids weren't required to wear masks (it would be difficult to breathe while doing TaeKwonDo) but the instructor wore a face shield (which I appreciated). After our lesson, the kids exited the mat and the next kid/ family stepped onto the clean part of the mat (rows are sectioned off by cones). The staff then cleans off the row where my children were. They've got a good system in place for us.

- s. Park

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