Benefits of Master H C Kim’s Tae Kwon Do Center for Children

Martial Arts Classes in Overland Park, KS and Johnson County

The first line of self-defense is to avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation or to prevent a dangerous situation from occurring, but sometimes that is unavoidable and out of your control. If you find yourself being attacked or threatened always try to get away before confronting your attacker; however, if you cannot find a way to escape, then knowing self-defense techniques will help out both women and men immensely.

Our Tae Kwon Do curriculum incorporates self-defense skills at every belt level. You will learn a variety of strikes, blocks, takedowns, throws and joint locks. You will also learn specific techniques for releasing an attacker’s grasp and the follow-up strikes to effectively disable your opponent. These techniques are not based on strength, but rather the motion and element of surprise which is useful if your attacker is larger than you.

See what a difference Master H C Kim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do Center will make for you. Enjoy the benefits of a complete physical workout. Reduce stress and learn proper self-defense techniques in a safe environment. Try out our adult martial arts classes in Overland Park, KS and Johnson County.

Parents—remember, there are benefits of exercise for your children too. Keep your child physically fit, improve focus and grades and build confidence. You can reap the benefits together with your child by training with him or her. Inquire about our family martial arts classes today!

Learn Self-Defense Through Adult Martial Arts Classes