Over 15 Years of Teaching Experience

Little Tigers Program

Preschool and kindergarten martial arts classes in Overland Park, KS

4 - 5 Years Old

Our martial arts classes for pre-schoolers and kindergartners are more than just a fun, new activity for your 4 or 5 year old. Physically, Little Tigers classes are an engaging, constructive outlet to let your child stay active and use up his/her extra energy. The non-stop action of class and effort-rewarding curriculum will also boost your child mentally and emotionally laying a foundation for improved attention, listening and greater self-confidence.


Our fully-staffed classroom setting offers a safe and positive environment to facilitate your child’s learning and achievements. Watch as your child jumps, kicks and punches his/her way to greater fitness, focus and confidence. You will get to see the skills nurtured in the Little Tigers classes extend to the academic classroom and home as well.



With our pre-school/kindergarten martial arts classes, your child will:


  • Build body awareness developing coordination and motor skills


  • Learn group social skills and cooperation


  • Increase focus, listening and self-control


  • Set and achieve goals to boost confidence and self-esteem



Master H C Kim has a unique quality that allows him to engage my children in a fun, loving, respectful, and honorable way. He reminds me as I watch him teach that it is possible to be disciplined and respected all while having fun. He has helped my children recognize that there is a time for being relaxed and silly and a time for hard work and dedication. This specifically helps with getting things done around the house, being at school, or even someplace like church.


⁃ N. Crossman, Little Tiger Parent