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We just did a private lesson at Master Kim's and I felt safe sending my kids there. Temperatures were taken at the door and hand sanitizer was used by everyone before entering the building. During the lesson, the instructor kept a social distance and my kids were properly distanced with the help of cones. My kids weren't required to wear masks (it would be difficult to breathe while doing TaeKwonDo) but the instructor wore a face shield (which I appreciated). After our lesson, the kids exited the mat and the next kid/ family stepped onto the clean part of the mat (rows are sectioned off by cones). The staff then cleans off the row where my children were. They've got a good system in place for us.

- s. Park

Master H C Kim has a unique quality that allows him to engage my children in a fun, loving, respectful, and honorable way. He reminds me, as I watch him teach, that it is possible to be disciplined and respected all while having fun. He has helped my children recognize that there is a time for being relaxed and silly and a time for hard work and dedication. This specifically helps with getting things done around the house, being at school, or even someplace like church.

⁃ N. Crossman, Little Tiger Parent

Little Tigers Program

Children's Program

​My two boys, ages 7 and 9, have attended Tae Kwon Do classes with Master H C Kim for about a year. During that time I have watched him transform them from two wiggly little boys into two focused goal setting boys. He teaches in such a way that a mutual respect is formed, tailoring each class to meet the needs of any age level. He gets down to their level, setting goals for them to work for in a consistent positive environment. We have taken many other classes and I have found that there is no comparison and we highly recommend Master H C Kim as a teacher to students of any age!”

- T. Camacho, Parent

Adult Program

​“The thing I enjoy most about a Master H C Kim class is the encouragement, discipline, and positive reinforcement I receive as a result of his teaching methods.  Although his classes are a great physical work out, he always makes sure that mentally we are prepared as well.  His attention to detail in regards to proper form and technique is what helps us progress as Tae Kwon Do students.  In addition, Master H C Kim always makes sure that all students are having fun during their Tae Kwon Do training.”

- ​R. Brosnick, Adult Student & Parent

"Master H C Kim is a tremendous teacher of Tae Kwon Do. He shares his depth of knowledge and attention to detail, allowing the student to feel as though he wishes us to be better than himself. He is able to tailor his instruction to the skill level of each student. He is enthusiastic and his martial arts classes are the most complete physical activity I have participated in."                                                 


- ​D. Lawton, MD, Adult Student & Parent

​“Joining Tae Kwon Do is the best thing that has happened to the Gates family. With Master H C Kim’s teaching our family has become more fit, energetic and active.  We’ve learned the importance of treating others with courtesy and respect not only within the family but outside as well. Our family has learned to value self-control and the power of cooperation. Our family is huge (total of 8) with various abilities within each age and level. Master H C Kim understands our family very well and is able to work together with us towards the mastery of our skills for each individual.” ​


- Mr. and Mrs. Gates, Adult Students & Parents

"I have studied Tae Kwon Do under many different masters and by far Master H C Kim is the best teacher I ever had. His techniques and teachings are superb and he is extremely nurturing to students of all ages. My children enjoy Master H C Kim's class tremendously. Master H C Kim is disciplined and his classes are like wise. He is a perfectionist and pays great attention to all students in class and no mistake is too small to escape his eyes.


- J. Jou, Adult Student & Parent​​

Family Program

Master Testimonial

"Being involved in Tae Kwon Do for my whole life, I have had the opportunity to work with many instructors and masters.  Master H C Kim stands out as someone who is not only a phenomenal martial artist, but who is also an outstanding teacher and leader. Master H C Kim brings his passion and enthusiasm to the classroom on a daily basis, and it rubs off on those around him."​


- Master D. Polanski